Bancc.Finance IDO Announcement

4 min readApr 24, 2022


We are happy to announce our next IDO sale: sBANCC token, the native token of the Bancc finance blockchain and #DeFi ecosystem.

Bancc Finance is an all-purpose decentralized payment solution provider. Its fundamentals tackle the issues faced by the masses by allowing users to take control of their finances efficiently and cost effectively. Bancc aims to connect people, merchants, and businesses to deliver a faster, more secure, and decentralized payment processing option for their clients, friends, or loved ones.

Bancc’s novel solutions are built on the Bancc blockchain. Unlike other counterpart virtual machine type blockchains like Ethereum, BSC and Polygon, the Bancc blockchain utilizes a delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPOS) consensus mechanism with a Tendermint BFT-engine integrated, thereby, enabling up to 10,000tps with no compromise on security and cost efficiency.

Bancc Finance is not just a blockchain, it is also an all in one #DeFi suite with fiat-crypto onramp/offramp solutions.

As you can see, Bancc is surely a promising project and could be the next big project disrupting the crypto space.

BANCC IDO Information

BANCC IDO Sale Starts On: April 28th at 5pm UTC

BANCC IDO Sale Ends On: May 5th at 5pm UTC

IDO Sale Price: 1 BANCC = 0.016 BUSD

Soft Cap/ Hard Cap: 200k/448k BUSD

IDO Distribution Information

IDO allocation is 25% unlocked and are distributed immediately after sale. The remaining 75% is locked and is distributed as follows: 25% distributed every 30 days. That is: 25% at TGE, 25% 30 days after TGE, 25% 60 days after TGE, and 25% 90 days after TGE.

How To Participate In MTB IDO Sale

There are two ways people can participate in the IDO event, these are:

Membership Participation

A Member is any user who is actively staking 0xPAD tokens in any of the staking pools or anyone staking BUSD-0xPAD LP or BNB-0xPAD LP tokens in the liquidity mining pools of 0xPad.

There are four membership tiers, each with a maximum allocation a member can purchase if the stake of the member is at least up to the threshold amount. For a member whose stake is less than threshold, the member will be able to purchase an allocation that is proportion to his/her stake as compared with the threshold. Below are details on the different membership tiers:

This means that:

  1. Any member who is staking 25,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum pool will have access to an allocation of 4,000 BUSD, 6,000 BUSD, 8,000 BUSD and 10,000 BUSD respectively.
  2. Any member who is staking less than 25,000 0xPAD tokens in any of the pools will get (Amount staked)/25,000 * Max. allocation of the pool. For example, if a member staked 10,000 0xPAD tokens in bronze, the member will get an allocation of (10,000/25,000)*(4000) = 1,600 BUSD

Guest Participation

A Guest is any user who is NOT actively staking 0xPAD tokens or LP tokens but holds 0xPAD tokens in his/her wallet.

Maximum allocation a guest can purchase is 2,000 BUSD for a guest who is holding 25,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in his/her wallet.

Again, if a guest holds less than 25,000, such a guest will have an allocation that is proportional to the amount of token he/she is holding.

For example, if a guest holds 10,000 0xPAD tokens, such a user gets (10,000/25,000)*(2000)= 800 BUSD

NOTE: Guests need to whitelist their wallets by following the instructions below

Go to and click on “Join Whitelist” to get your address whitelisted. To get whitelisted, the address must hold 0xPAD tokens at the time of whitelisting.

Other Participants

Other participants refers to users who are NOT a member of 0xPad and did not whitelist.

Depending on the progress of the sale after a number of days since sales started, 0xPad reserves the right to give such users access to participate. There may be some minimum requirement that will be specified.

For more information, visit 0xPad’s websites or join our community on twitter and telegram









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