Bancc.Finance IDO Announcement

BANCC IDO Information

IDO Distribution Information

How To Participate In MTB IDO Sale

Membership Participation

  1. Any member who is staking 25,000 or more 0xPAD tokens in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum pool will have access to an allocation of 4,000 BUSD, 6,000 BUSD, 8,000 BUSD and 10,000 BUSD respectively.
  2. Any member who is staking less than 25,000 0xPAD tokens in any of the pools will get (Amount staked)/25,000 * Max. allocation of the pool. For example, if a member staked 10,000 0xPAD tokens in bronze, the member will get an allocation of (10,000/25,000)*(4000) = 1,600 BUSD

Guest Participation

Other Participants



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